Lorenzo Peretti Junior - Metaphysical invocation (Spiritual Testament)

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In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit in the Most Holy Trinity.
Our Father who art in heaven (everywhere in the atom and the Universe with all the forces visible and invisible and the atom and the Universe would no longer exist if You were to withdraw from it, since You alone remain pure and intact in Your infinite Power, Wisdom, Truth, Glory) hallowed be Thy name infinite in its attributes of Power of Beauty, of Truth. Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, our temporal bread and our spiritual bread since You are in all things and nothing can exist without You. (...) Be our food, our life our light our intellect. Be our Essence. Forgive us our trespasses in this earthly life and our past existences as we forgive those who trespass against us, do not let us fall into temptation, but deliver us from Error, since You are the Lord the Force, the Law in the heaven of the Aeons.

Our Father You gave me this life, this mind, this body lent me for the transit on this earth and I am beyond all form eternal and destined to You in Supreme Identity. And together with life you filled me to the brim with divine, inestimable gifts that the fool, the blind, deaf, ungrateful and ignoble being that I am wasted with Life itself. Father show paternal indulgence for my ignorance. I have fallen into the abyss of darkness and filth, where I stumble around craving You calling You invoking You so that in the name of Christ you will send me the means of Power and Light to deliver me from my wretched tormented condition.

Our Father bless the innumerable multitudes of beings in all the worlds. In You, even though we are innumerable, we are a single thing and if the mind cannot grasp so much innumerability our heart and our spirit feel it and comprehend it in You. Give us together with them your deep divine Eternal peace.

Our Father bless Humanity which is racing towards ruin. Take away from us and attenuate so much misfortune but if You are resolved otherwise may Your will be done be blessed and be glorified because You are Eternal goodness in Eternal Perfection.

Father bless my ancestors. May those now reintegrated into Your Bosom in Supreme Identity with You always assist me, help me, comfort me. May they comfort their distant and miserable descendant, meritless, unworthy but nevertheless with the eternal flame bestowed by You and the divine ray that binds me to you. Call those who follow their ways, ever nearer to your glory ever closer to you. And you, my venerable forebears, stripped now of this our miserable flesh, freed now from our earthly passions, purified enlightened and therefore closer to the Truth, forgive the many grave failings of my life, watch over my future and defend me assist and advise me as the Eternal One inspires you.

Bless my parents: my father Bernardino, my mother Maria Giustina, my grandfather Lorenzo, my grandmother Giustina, my grandparents Francesco and Elisabetta my uncles and aunts Antonio Carlo Giuseppe Bettina Lucia Bartolina Battista my brother my sisters and all my family living and deceased.

Bless my enemies. Take away hatred, resentment, the will to harm from our hearts and our minds. Pour down on us Your grace and Your peace, profound, divine, eternal in You.

Eternal One, bless my older brothers, the saints, the initiates, the sages, my protectors in the invisible and their venerable masters as well as the spirits of the elect who from heaven in Your name assist me help me comfort me here on earth. Bless René Guénon, my venerated instructor here on earth, who has given me a little light and sure guidance towards Deliverance. His merits are so many that you alone can remunerate them. Gather him up into Supreme Identity with You. And You, O my venerated instructor, do not abandon me, this miserable being in search of light, and be always my sure guide towards deliverance.

Eternal One, bless the leaders of human religions; give them the wisdom to lead their faithful to that heavenly kingdom which You have promised us through the mouths of so many of your messengers from remote ages up until the present and through the mouth of Jesus Christ Your divine son and our particular intercessor with You.

Eternal One, bless the Brahmatma, the holiest the wisest among men, the intermediary between You and humanity who he leads to total reintegration into You through the immensity of the heavens. Glorify him in You, glorify yourself in Him, receive his invocations favourably, sustain him always and act so that he maintains and increases his spiritual influence over me.

I thank you O Father for the night (and the day) you have given me. Watch over me today (on this night as I sleep, illuminate into my dreams, instruct me, and remove from my mind and my heart all and any sensual thoughts and purposes). And on this day watch over my actions, my intentions, thoughts and words. Bless my food and my breath.

Deliver me from greed for earthly goods, from anger from hatred from resentment, from the seduction of libidinous or lustful thoughts, from arrogance or prideful gluttony, from injustice, from vanity, from envy. Father lead me out of the darkness and enlighten me, lead me away from filth and purify me, and thus enlightened and purified let me live out the rest of the days that You grant me righteously, at the end of which give me a death not sudden but happy, calm, serene and completely aware in You, in possession of subtle intermediaries who prevent my spirit from wavering and my intelligence from declining. Amen! Om! Om! Om!
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit in the Most Holy Trinity.

Metaphysical invocation

1. Say: I am not body mind life, being beyond any form destined for God in Supreme Identity
Breathe in the rule. In the name of the Father the Son the Holy Spirit in the Most Holy Trinity one and indivisible. Aum! (do) Aum! (mi) Aum! (sol) (breathing as Guénon advises)
2. Infinite spirit, omnipotent Eternal One. You have permeated with yourself everything that exists, from the infinitesimal atom to myself to the visible and invisible Universe with every power, so much so that if You withdrew from it, nothing would exist any longer neither atom nor myself nor the visible and invisible universe with every Power Everything! Only You would remain intact, untouched, immaculate, infinite in Your Power Your Wisdom Your Knowledge Your Truth Your Beauty Your Light Your Glory!



Paramatma Atma (Universal Spirit) Ishvara (universal being) Purushottama

Purusha (Brahma that resides in the vital center (heart jivatma1

Purusha - Prakriti or Pumas - Pradhana (the two produce the individualities)


Sattwa rajas tamas

It is the ray of light of Atma Buddhi or Mahat, the first product of Prakriti

Buddhi> Brahma Vishnu Shiva

Ahankara in jivatma

1 This is the original punctuation.